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Accounting Solutions

Leave your general bookkeeping responsibilities and obligations to us. We'll do it faster and save you money.

Solutions Provided:

Are you experiencing high cost & turnover in your back office accounting department? Is your accounting staff unable to keep up with the daily accounting tasks? Do you know what your cash balance is? Do you have access to cash balance reconciliations and credit card reconciliations? Or more importantly, do you have real-time access to your financial statements? Are you able to make important financial decisions, or have you missed business opportunities due to the lack of availability of reliable real-time financial statements? Can you trust and rely on your financial statements? Do you want your tax returns done cost-effectively and in a timely manner? Does your controller or CFO need assistance with experienced staff to manage day-to-day operations remotely?

Our solutions to you:

  1. Instant savings of up to 40% or more of your existing back-office accounting/bookkeeping operations cost. *
  2. Customizable – Bookkeeping can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Customized bookkeeping services made to specially fit your unique accounting requirements.
  4. Reliable real-time access to monthly financial reports.
  5. 100% data security and confidentiality.
  6. 100% US owned and operated outsourced practice.
  7. Ability to manage and supervise your own bookkeeping personnel/team.
  8. Outsourced CFO services.
  9. Outsourced business consulting services.
  10. Certified part-time or full-time leased accountants to meet any of your back office requirements.
  11. Ability to cater to your budget.
  12. Qualified, dedicated, and passionate labor force with 10-15 years of experience in a wide range of industries ranging from retail, hotels, insurance, restaurants, real estate, construction, and non-profits.

Services we perform –

  • General bookkeeping
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Bank/cash balances, loan/debt balances, and credit card balance reconciliations
  • Maintain accounts payable and receivable
  • Payroll reconciliations
  • Sales tax reconciliations
  • Invoice processing
  • Inventory management
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Real estate sales & property management accounting
  • Preparation of forms: 1099-MISC, 1042-S, HI G-45, HI G-49, HI TA-1, HI TA-2, or any other required compliance periodic returns

If you are currently experiencing any back-office inefficiencies, cost concerns, or unable to answer any one of the questions above, HI Accounting Solutions Inc. can provide you with cost-effective solutions to assist you.  We are able to cater to any challenging accounting requirements. We manage the accounting and reporting for many businesses across a wide range of industries at a fraction of the cost.