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Tax Preparation & Planning

We enjoy working with our individual clients year after year. We will minimize your current and future tax liability

At KDL, we enjoy communicating with our individual clients throughout the year. By keeping current with new tax laws and future legislation, we are in a strategic position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liability.

We use a tax organizer to facilitate the process of pulling together your tax information, including supporting documentation.

Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for individuals. This investment enables KDL and its clients to securely share tax information.

KDL utilizes a controlled company employing tax professionals in Sri Lanka to assist with tax return preparation. This setup allows KDL professionals to focus on ensuring maximum tax efficiency.

Our Services: 

As a qualified real estate accounting firm and tax professional, we’ll take over critical accounting tasks and will find ways to reduce your taxes. We can handle 1031 exchanges, budgeting, tax deferral transactions, and much more. We’ll carefully identify which deductions you qualify for so you’ll be confident that you haven’t overpaid your taxes or made mistakes on your tax filings that could attract attention from the IRS.

Setting up chart of accounts, cleanup work for new clients, recording incomes & expenses, entering & reconciling bank transactions and recording payroll

Entering invoices of vendors in accounting software, processing bills payable in and Plooto, making journal entries for month-end payables

Processing payments of tenants, tracking security deposits of tenants, preparing AR Aging report, tracking & matching collections from Sales

Preparing annual budgets for projecting incomes & expenses, cash flow projections, NPV and Payback period

Comparing monthly P/L & Balance Sheet, preparing variances for better cost control, analyzing various Key Performance Indicators